Young surgeon performing surgical operation

How Does Surgery Help Cauda Equina Syndrome?

“Cauda equina” is Latin for “horse’s tail,” and cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a disorder of the nerve bundle at the bottom of the spinal cord, which fans out like a horse’s tail. When those nerves are compressed, a number of distressing… Read More
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Cropped hand of doctor injecting patient

Drug Diversion at RRMC

It sounds like a plot from a movie, but it’s heartbreakingly real: a hospital nurse swaps tap water for fentanyl when administering medication to patients in intensive care. Not only do the patients not receive the pain relief they need, but the no… Read More
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Smiling Female Worker Attending Video Call

Should You Work with an Unlicensed Therapist?

The past few years have been rough ones for many people, between dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and everyday issues like work and family stress. In part because of the pandemic, it has been harder than ever to find, and get connected with, a ment… Read More
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Doctor examining a patient in pain at the hospital

Five Signs Your Back Pain Could Be an Emergency

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the vast majority of Americans—around 80%—will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. Some people deal with severe chronic pain, while for others, it is mild and ep… Read More
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Psychologist comforting his patient

Ethical Violations in Therapy (and What to Do About Them)

Licensed mental health professionals are typically held to a code of ethics in their work. Ethical standards exist to protect vulnerable clients and to ensure that the public can place their trust in therapists, social workers, and psychologists. Of… Read More
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What Causes Medical Error…

What Causes Medical Errors?

As medical malpractice attorneys, our practice is focused on medical errors that have injured our clients, and getting our clients compensation for those injuries. In this blog, we’ve talked about how medical error is one of the most underreported… Read More
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Prescription form with stethoscope and gavel. Medical Malpractice.

How Doctors’ Prejudices Can Harm Patients

People may put doctors up on a pedestal, but the truth is that they are human just like anyone else. Every human being who has ever lived has biases, including physicians. Sometimes we are aware of our biases, and sometimes they operate in the backgr… Read More
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Therapist making a video call with patient

Can I Sue My Online Therapist for Malpractice?

Online therapy is a relatively new phenomenon. After all, the internet itself has only been in use by the general public for a few decades. But in the past few years, largely due to the COVID pandemic, the practice of working remotely with a therapis… Read More
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lumbar vertebrae x-ray

Surgical Errors and Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is the pathway that conveys messages from the brain to other parts of the body. Most of the time, we don’t even think about the fact that our spinal cords are functioning exactly as they should. Someone asks us to pass the salt shak… Read More
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Portrait of a young woman with anxiety and depression problems.

Cauda Equina Syndrome and Depression

Depression is the most common mental health issue in the United States, affecting about one out of every ten adults. Many people who suffer from clinical depression are otherwise physically healthy. However, chronic physical illness can cause or wors… Read More
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