The Risks of Informal “…

The Risks of Informal “Consults” Between ER Doctors and Specialists

Americans love medical mysteries. Week after week, we watch medical dramas on television in which a seriously ill patient is rushed into the Emergency Department with mysterious, life-threatening symptoms. Somehow, on the show, there is always an ass… Read More
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Did My Child's Orthodonti…

Did My Child's Orthodontist Uphold the Standard of Care?

Getting braces seems almost like a rite of passage these days. Most kids seem to get braces sometime during, or even before, their teens. Even adults are getting braces; in decades past, adult orthodontia was a rarity, while today, it’s not unu… Read More
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Was My Dental Nerve Injur…

Was My Dental Nerve Injury Avoidable?

Very few people really enjoy going to the dentist, but most people don’t expect to be seriously injured while they’re there. Unfortunately, some dental procedures have an unexpected outcome: nerve injury that takes place when a dentist se… Read More
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