If you are injured in a car accident in Oregon, you need an experienced lawyer to help you with your claim. Every year thousands of people are injured and hundreds killed in auto accidents around Oregon. Often the at-fault driver is drunk, texting, talking on the phone or simply not paying attention. An experienced car accident lawyer can not only help you through the difficult process but also increase your recovery. Not all lawyers are the same and our results speak for themselves.

The Fraser Law Firm has experience maximizing recovery for their clients.

When you are interviewing potential lawyers to help you with your claim, ask them for their trial results. Every lawyer that handles car accident cases can say they have settled hundreds of cases. The real question is how many trial verdicts have they achieved. This is where an experienced trial lawyer can be the difference between a small recovery and a million dollar recovery. The insurance companies only pay top dollar when they know the lawyer on the other end has the skills to win at trial.

Everyone knows how difficult an auto insurance company is to deal with when you are injured. Our experience handling car accidents allows our team to do all the work for you. We know how to maximize recovery from the insurance company. We also look for any other insurance coverage that you might not be aware of in the event of a car accident.

The common areas of negligence that causes car accidents are:

  • Failure to maintain control of the vehicle
  • Failure to maintain a proper lookout
  • Improper lane change
  • Failure to maintain a proper speed – speeding
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Drunk driving
  • Rear end collisions
  • Phantom car accidents
  • Drowsy driving

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