The birth of a baby is a monumental, joyful event-the day expectant parents have dreamed about for months. Those dreams may be dashed if their baby suffers devastating injuries because of a care provider's negligence. Dreams for a bright future are replaced by anxiety. Parents are forced to think about whether their child will have brain damage, developmental delays, or severe physical disabilities. No new parent should ever have to worry about whether their child will be able to live a normal life, especially when the normal life they should have had is snatched away by an avoidable birth injury due to medical malpractice.

Close on the heels of concerns about a child's future come worries about how to pay for the medical care and therapy the child will need to have the best chance in life. Birth injuries affect not just the child, but the whole family. Often one parent must quit a job in order to provide the child with the best possible care, which means that the family has reduced income at the very time they are feeling the financial pressure of increased medical and therapy bills.

The Fraser Law Firm P.C. helps Oregon parents through the anxiety and fear they feel for their children's future. We are familiar with many types of birth injuries, including cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke, broken bones, facial paralysis, brachial plexus, shoulder dystocia and more. Whether the injury was caused by a doctor's failure to anticipate birth complications, a professional's failure to respond quickly enough to fetal distress, misuse of vacuum extractors or forceps, complications from water birth, or some other reason, we help our clients recover for their children's injuries and protect their futures.

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At The Fraser Law Firm P.C., we know that when a birth injury occurs, our clients are grieving for the lives they and their child should have had. We understand that while no amount of financial compensation can make up for what our clients lost when their child suffered a birth injury, lifting the financial burden can allow them to focus on what's really important: their child's needs. Our goal is to help restore peace of mind and hope for the future.

Oregon birth injury cases and other medical malpractice cases are complicated and highly technical. Because properly preparing birth injury cases for trial involves a high level of skill and a significant investment of resources, many Oregon attorneys simply don't accept these cases. At The Fraser Law Firm P.C., we have long-standing relationships with the top birth injury medical experts whose knowledge and testimony are key to convincing a jury of our client's position. Because so much of the firm's practice is medical malpractice cases, we know how to prepare and try these cases. Over our decades of practice, we have achieved numerous recoveries in excess of a million dollars.

Birth injuries have a profound impact on the life of a family. At The Fraser Law Firm P.C., our goal is not only to achieve a financial recovery for our clients, but to support them through this challenging time in their lives. Our legal team collaborates on cases, and each client becomes a valuable part of that team. The relationships we develop working together with clients on cases often endure long after the case itself is resolved.

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If your child suffered an injury at or before birth, and you believe it may have been due to negligence by a doctor, nurse, or midwife, don't torment yourself with "what ifs." Get the support of an experienced Portland malpractice attorney. The Fraser Law Firm P.C. will help you assess whether your child's birth injury was due to malpractice, review your options with you, and help you take the next steps.

The Fraser Law Firm P.C. serves Portland and the surrounding area, working with clients throughout Oregon. Contact us at (971) 266-8877. We look forward to working with you.

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