Dental procedures are so commonly performed in Oregon and throughout the United States that many people don't consider them particularly risky. After all, most procedures are performed in a dental office, not a hospital or surgery center. Just because these procedures are routine, however, doesn't mean that they are without risk. While most dental surgeries and other procedures go just as planned, when a dentist is negligent, severe injury can result.

One of the most common results of dental malpractice is nerve injury to the lingual, alveolar, mental or mandibular nerves. Nerves may be inadvertently severed by a scalpel or struck by a drill or other tool. Anesthetic administered incorrectly can also cause nerve injury. Some injury may heal spontaneously, but often, if a nerve injury is not promptly addressed, it becomes permanent.

Most of us take for granted the ability to taste food and to speak clearly, but nerve injury due to dental malpractice can steal that ability away. Many people who have nerve damage from a dental procedure experience permanent abnormal sensations, known as paresthesia; numbness or reduced sensation, known as hypoesthesia; a burning or shocking sensation, known as dysesthesia; unpleasant tastes from food; and difficulty chewing or speaking. These difficulties can affect the quality of personal interactions, the ability to enjoy life, and even the ability to perform one's job.

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The Fraser Law Firm P.C. team is experienced in dealing with cases of dental nerve injury that arise from dental negligence and malpractice. We understand what our clients go through when a seemingly routine procedure turns into a nightmare of pain and lost function. What we want is what they want: to help them put their life back together the way it used to be.

Dental nerve injury and other medical malpractice cases can be hard to prove. In addition, successfully resolving a case in a client's favor often takes many months of research, investigation, and case preparation. Most attorneys are unwilling to make this commitment, but we have years of experience in dental malpractice and nerve injury cases. We know and work with the experts who can make or break a case. Our results speak for themselves.

Our firm takes a different approach from most personal injury firms. Because we feel cases are about helping people as well as winning in court, we involve our clients in case preparation every step of the way: educating them, helping them to make informed decisions, and paying attention to their needs. As a result, our clients are more satisfied with the process as well as the outcome of their cases.

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If a dental nerve injury has turned your life upside down, there is something you can do about it. Don't delay in pursuing justice. Call our experienced Portland dental malpractice attorney at The Fraser Law Firm P.C. We will analyze the facts of your situation, give you a straightforward analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and help you explore your options.

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