Chances are, if you've been seen in an emergency room, you went there because you had an urgent medical need that couldn't be addressed anywhere else: injuries from car accident, chest pain, broken bones, lacerations, or other acute symptoms. The emergency room is a busy and often overwhelming place, and the job of the doctors who work there is to efficiently make a diagnosis, treat the problem, and ensure that the patient is admitted when appropriate or referred for follow-up treatment if needed.

It's critical that emergency room staff examine and test patients carefully, because the patient's will dictate the course of treatment from that point. Particularly with medical conditions in which time is of the essence for successful treatment, an incorrect or missed diagnosis can be disastrous. Failure to diagnose heart attack, stroke, or meningitis are only a few of the emergency room errors that can have fatal outcomes.

The hectic nature of the ER is no excuse for doctors to fail to completely evaluate a patient's condition. Often, patients are discharged from the ER without having had adequate testing or a thorough examination, when they really needed to be admitted for treatment or examined by a specialist. When a patient does not receive appropriate examination and treatment, and is injured as a result, the ER doctor and the hospital may be liable for malpractice.

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When you've turned to an emergency room for urgently-needed help, and been harmed instead, it's natural to feel betrayed and angry. At The Fraser Law Firm P.C., we understand that our clients just want to be restored to the position they were in before an emergency medicine doctor or nurse acted negligently. Our goal is to help make that happen as far as it's possible to do so.

Emergency room negligence can be challenging to prove, requiring careful examination of medical records and other information to determine whether a medical professional acted reasonably, and if a failure to do so caused harm to an already ill or injured patient. Because of the complex nature of these cases, many attorneys decline to accept emergency medicine malpractice and other medical malpractice cases.

Located in Portland, The Fraser Law Firm P.C. is one of a few Oregon law firms that has extensive experience with emergency medicine malpractice matters. We are skilled in investigating these cases, and we have relationships with highly-regarded medical experts whose testimony helps convince a jury of our client's position. Attorney Rhett Fraser has experience in negligence and malpractice cases, with several verdicts and settlements in excess of one million dollars.

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If you have been harmed by an ER doctor's negligence, you have only a limited time to take legal action. Contact an experienced Portland ER negligence attorney of The Fraser Law Firm P.C. We will offer you a clear, straightforward analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and help you pursue any recovery to which you may be entitled.

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