Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals treat patients who are vulnerable, often fragile. They have a duty to treat those in their care with dignity and respect, carefully evaluating their needs and providing appropriate treatment. Because some psychiatric patients are also at risk of suicide or of self-injury, mental health professionals must be attuned to the need to prevent harm as well.

Most psychiatrists and care providers take these duties seriously and perform them diligently. Others, however, whether through negligence or deliberate misconduct, cause great harm and suffering to patients and their families. Particularly distressing are those situations in which a mental health professional uses his or her position to take advantage of a vulnerable patient such as forming an inappropriate emotional or sexual relationship with the patient. A mental health professional should never form a personal relationship outside of the office because this is a violation of the doctor-patient boundary. When mental health professionals, especially psychiatrists, fail to observe the accepted standard of care for a patient in similar circumstances, they may be liable for committing malpractice.

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When victims of psychiatric malpractice come to our office, they've already had their trust betrayed by one professional in whom they'd placed their confidence. At The Fraser Law Firm P.C., we are mindful of the great responsibility we have in helping to make things right. We understand that it can be difficult to come forward in these cases, especially when sexual abuse has taken place. No matter the type of misconduct or psychiatric negligence, however, these patients deserve to be vindicated.

In some cases, patients may feel that something was not right about their treatment, but be unsure if malpractice was committed, or if it can be proven. The Fraser Law Firm P.C. is experienced in handling medical malpractice cases, including cases of psychiatric malpractice. Unlike many Oregon law firms that shy away from accepting these complex cases, we are skilled at examining records and compassionately working with victims and witnesses to elicit the facts. We also work with respected psychiatric and mental health professionals whose testimony is often essential to winning these cases.

Our clients come to us in psychiatric malpractice cases not with the hope of making money, but with a need for healing and closure. We strive to help them achieve that healing, as well as to secure a financial recovery that will make some restitution for what they've gone through.

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If you or a loved one has been harmed by the negligence or misconduct of a psychiatrist, contact a psychiatric malpractice attorney at The Fraser Law Firm P.C. We will review the facts of your case with you, give you an honest analysis, and help you explore your options for recovery.

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