What is Inflammatory Brea…

What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

When you think of breast cancer, you might imagine finding a lump in your breast or getting a call back after a mammogram. But there is a form of breast cancer that does not present with a lump, and may be very difficult to detect on a mammogram. Wha… Read More
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Less-Common Signs of Brea…

Less-Common Signs of Breast Cancer: Did Your Doctor Miss Them?

In recent decades, awareness of breast cancer has increased, thanks in part to “pink ribbon” campaigns, breast cancer walks, and other programs designed to alert women (and men) to the signs of breast cancer and options for treatment. Tre… Read More
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Failure to Warn of Breast…

Failure to Warn of Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects

When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the first things you want to know is what your treatment options are. You may be in such distress from your diagnosis that you have only one concern: which treatment is going to be the most effec… Read More
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Breast Cancer Diagnosis:…

Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Understanding the Standard of Care

Breast cancer, as we often hear, strikes one in eight women during their lifetime. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t had a friend or relative diagnosed with breast cancer—or been diagnosed herself. Because so many of us h… Read More
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