Three Ways Narcotic Presc…

Three Ways Narcotic Prescriptions May Be Medical Malpractice

We have written before in this space about whether doctors can be held liable for a patient’s opioid (narcotic) addiction. The answer is that they can, but like any action taken by a medical professional, the circumstances must meet certain criteri… Read More
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Do Electronic Health Reco…

Do Electronic Health Records Increase the Risk of Medical Malpractice?

Most adults are old enough to remember going to the doctor’s office and seeing their doctor flip through the pages of their chart, looking at their history, gathering information that was right there at their fingertips. These days, your doctor may… Read More
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Doctors Overprescribing O…

Doctors Overprescribing Oxycodone: Understand the Risks

As an ideal, medicine is a partnership: a patient brings their unique knowledge of their body and their symptoms; the doctor brings their training and experience in practice. With the information provided by the patient, the doctor’s observatio… Read More
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Did Your Pharmacy Fail to…

Did Your Pharmacy Fail to Warn You About a Drug Interaction?

Your parents or grandparents may have gotten their medicine from a local family-owned pharmacy, where the pharmacist knew his customers and their families personally. Most of those pharmacies are gone now, replaced by large chain drugstores. What the… Read More
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When Is a Medication Erro…

When Is a Medication Error Worth Suing Over?

Medication errors are disturbingly common in the United States. At least one well-respected study determined that over 1.5 million people are injured or killed by medication errors each year. These errors include mistakes made in prescribing and admi… Read More
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