Coronavirus Infection and…

Coronavirus Infection and Pregnancy: Your Questions Answered

A lot of things can change between the start of a pregnancy and the birth of a baby nine months later. But if you are well into your pregnancy now, you almost certainly didn’t expect one of those changes to be the emergence of a pandemic. If you’… Read More
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Complications from Episio…

Complications from Episiotomy: What You Should Know

Many people think of an episiotomy as a fairly common part of the birth process, and it certainly has been in recent decades. A surgical incision used to enlarge the vaginal opening to ease delivery, most episiotomies are performed without incident.… Read More
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Did My OB/GYN Commit Malp…

Did My OB/GYN Commit Malpractice?

Your relationship with your obstetrician or gynecologist is a professional one, but given the nature of the care you receive, it’s important that you feel personally comfortable and have a deep level of trust in your doctor. While your relation… Read More
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